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- Safety
- Health
- Environmental care
- Quality

This aims to achieve:
1. the highest possible level of customer satisfaction;
2. the attainment, maintenance and improvement of the highest possible level of safety;
3. respect and the greatest possible level of care for the environment.

Compliance with Acts and Regulations, customer requirements and wishes, standards and recommendations from sectoral organisations has long been our minimal requirement.
The quest for continuous improvement in these areas is our daily challenge.

Our Safety, Quality and Environmental policy is one of the focal points of our company policy and is set out in our SQE Management system. The translation of the content of this care system into daily practice is expressed through the awareness of our staff of the priority given to these issues within the company, the day-to-day attention paid to the safe conduct of our activities and the fostering of relationships with satisfied customers through high-quality service provision.

Peinemann thereby fully satisfy the basic requirements set out in standard NEN-EN-ISO 9001: 2008 and the VCA Petrochemical Contractors Safety Checklist (2008-05). Peinemann Cranes BV are also VVT approved while Peinemann Forklift Trucks BV hold a VEBIT certificate.

Our temporary staff agency MPS is VCU certified.