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Aerial platform rental and sale

Through years of experience in the rental and sale of platforms, our specialists are always able to provide appropriate advice.

Peinemann has been active for years in the aerial platform rental market. With the large number of platforms that we have available, we can always be of service. With the rental of platforms, we find it important that you choose the most suitable platform. Factors such as the place of employment and the working range are essential. Our platform rental specialists are able to provide appropriate advice in every situation.

Beneath you can find more information about the aerial platforms we have in rental. If you have questions or want to rent an aerial platform please send an email to our aerial rental department:


Self-Propelled Lifts (Diesel)

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Self Propelled Lifts (Electric)

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Trailer and Truck-Mounted Lifts

Besides diesel and electric self-propelled lifts, Peineman also rents trailer-and truck-mounted...