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Mantsinen transhipment and hydraulic cranes

Mantsinen material handlers and hydraulic mobile harbor cranes are expanded from 70 tones machines till machines over 200 tones operational weight. The concept of material handlers is relatively new, but offers numerous advantages over rope based alternatives which is the common standard.

Mantsinen material handlers offer the following advantages:

Speed and running time
With a cycles of 25 till 40 seconds, which is the equivalent of 100 cycles an hour, which safes the Mantsinen cranes the expensive tool time.

The advantages of an automatic or semiautomatic coupling systems or banksman in the cargo hole of the ship offers, which on the quay, subsidiary if the load is prohibited, excludes potential threats.

Costs and maintenance
Material handlers are less expensive to purchase and also waste less energy than rope based cranes. The lowering of the costs of displaced weight delivers you a significant saving. Besides this material handler cranes are considerably cheaper to maintain.

Lower operational costs
Because material handler cranes and hydraulic cranes require fewer personnel, u can safe a considerable part on labor cost with the loading and unloading of your cargo.

The hydraulic control system is significantly quicker and more accurate. If there accurse a problem on the wharf with the unloading, a pile can easily be built so they can keep unloading after the vehicle leaves without any operational pressure. All Mantsinen cranes can be individually adjusted, build with a variable stick and mast configurations and are available on train wheels, tracks and fixed installations. All Mantsinen are diesel or electric available.




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