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Bundle Extraction rental

Peinemann has experience for more than 25 years in bundle extraction. While the world around us changes, so does the size and weight of the bundles.

We notice that there are increasingly larger and heavier bundles present in the new factories. Bigger than we ever expected. As a leader in the global market of the bundle extractors we remain constantly aware of new developments and we develop our bundle extractor according to the latest technological possibilities. There are different varieties of bundle extractors, all for rent at Peinemann.

Aerial tube bundle extractor

The aerial tube extractor is a self-contained unit, which is easily brought about by only one crane...

Self propelled bundle extractor

The self-propelled bundle extractor is designed to pull a large number of low-level bundles during...

Truck mounted bundle extractor

Because of the multifunctional nature of this machine and the low set-up time, this machine is...

Furnace tube extractor

The standard stove pipe puller is designed to pull / install pipes up to 12 meters. We also have a...

Bundle lifters

The Bundle Lifter is the latest development regarding hoisting bundles at refineries and (petro)...

Combi lifters & bundle extractor

The Combi Bundle extractor is the latest development in the lifting and pulling of bundles more...