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Machine transport and industrial relocations

Moving of loads, heavy equipment transport, industrial removals, and factory relocation.

Although Peinemann has a huge machine fleet at it's disposal, there will always be those jobs where the human factor is essential for the success of the mission. Jobs that besides specialized equipment also ask for a practical approach, problem solving, extensive experience and a high degree of creativity. For these activities Peinemann has a special division: Peinemann Machine transport and industrial relocations.

Let us lighten your load!
They are deployed on the kind of project that can seem impossible at first sight, but nevertheless has to be managed somehow: from the relocation of everything, from a control panel to a complete production line, from a printing press to an entire print works, from a storage tank to a complete tank storage depot, and so on.

Such projects are frequently carried out under time pressure and in the most demanding conditions. Depending on the degree of complexity of the project it may be necessary to prepare detailed plans, lifting plans and risk assessments.

The techniques involved may include jacking, hoisting, rollers or skids, with integrated transportation by road and by water. Peinemann Machine Transport and Industrial Relocations handle all this, quickly, safely and efficiently.

A huge range of diverse activities are bound up with factory and project relocations.

If you need further information about Peinemann Machine Transport and Industrial Relocations you can contact us by e-mail or telephone: 010-2955000 and ask for the Machine Transport and Industrial Relocations department.