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Wind Turbines

Peinemann Cranes has a division which deals with wind turbines. Whether it involves the (necessary) maintenance, mounting and / or disassembly of the turbines; Peinemann always offers the right equipment.

Peinemann has a fleet of modern machines. We even can supply manned aerial platforms to a working height of 100 meters. These machines are also equipped with an approved lifting device so that small loads can be lifted from the work platform. The mechanic whom is accompanied with a qualified operator of the platform can perform is work safely while both his hands are free to use. Our platforms are also equipped with large outrigger pads so that a stability is guaranteed. These baffles can independently be placed by the machine therefore no help of other machines or resources is needed.

For maintenance Peinemann can also use one of its many modern mobile cranes. Peinemann has mobile cranes available with a lifting capacity up to 700 tonnes and can reach a total system height up to 149.5 meters. This gives the possibility  to change a gearbox, change a complete turbine blade or replacing an entire drivetrain. Before the projects is carried out we will always draw up a solid plan, in which all steps will be described

Besides maintenance of wind turbines Peinemann is also specialized in the complete assembly or dismantling of existing turbines. We have executed these activities for many years to the satisfaction of our customers. Our approach appeals to the imagination. At Peinemann you can hire the right type of crane for your project. On project basis, you will get a full experienced team of specialists. The crane team consists of a project leader whom will take work out of your hands but will always makes sure there is agreement with the head of your organization so that everything is alligned perfectly. In addition the team will consist of a qualified crane operator, 2 assisting cranes and an operator of an telescopichandler. Depending on the size of the project this can also be completed with a truck and driver. The crane team is fully trained for their task, or staff has the usual certificates such as VCA and professional qualifications to work on an aerial platform, forklift and telescopichandler. In addition, all  our people are trained in emergency response and GWO.

In addition to well-educated people, we offer various crane capacities; Always the right crane for the job. Peinemann has a number of modern crawler cranes such as the compact Liebherr LR 1350/1 which makes sure 73 tons can be placed on a hub height of 100 meters and the newest addition, the Liebherr LR 1600/2 with power boom and SF 13 package which can be deployed for the latest-generation turbines to a hub height of 150 meters and a weight of 75 tonnes.

Due to agreements with our suppliers, we can offer any kind of crane, always operated by Peinemann staff.
Installation of wind turbines requires specialists.
Peinemann has arrangements with a number of well-known installation companies whom have trained their people for many types of wind turbines Through years of cooperation between these people and our people you will always get a balanced team on your project.
Before the start of the project our engineering department will present a comprehensive package of plans, whether for one turbine or a complete turbine park;
per turbine and its parts there is a plan.
Besides qualified personnel and proper cranes Peinemann can assist with the necessary azobe partitions, ramps, aggregates, break and dressing containers, platforms, telescopichandlers and lifting equipment.
Also, pressure valves are in-house.
Our motto is: "We do it safe or we don’t do it."
With Peinemann you will get a specialist, whether for one single turbine or a complete wind farm.
We ensure that your project is a success, we would like to prove it to you.
If you want to discuss your project with us please do not hesitate to contact us at.