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Are you looking for a new job in the (petro) chemicals, expedition or building sector? With M.P.S. you’re at the right address. We would like to help you with finding a suiting job for you!

M.P.S. Personnel Services B.V., part of the Peinemann group, is a professional organization for the draft of qualified, reliable and experienced logistical and technical personnel in the (petro)chemicals, expedition and building sector. M.P.S. features a fast variety of jobs and is always trying to find the job best suited for you. 

Good working conditions. M.P.S offers her personnel good working conditions, a collective health insurance, pension insurance and a saving scheme.  The salary administration is being conducted at the office in Hoogvliet and your payroll will always be on time.  May there be any questions or uncertainties, feel free to visit us.

Education At M.P.S. we are expecting and demanding a lot from our personnel. To insure the quality, we like to invest in our employees through the use of subject-based educations. Training as forklift truck, reach truck, self-propelled platforms, safe moving of loads, BHV and VCA(VOL) are provided.

Informal working atmosphere Within M.P.S prevails an informal atmosphere where personal attention is a priority. You’re not a number, but a business card of M.P.S.  to our clients.

What do we expect from our personnel. Our clients are expecting employees which they can build on; employees who are qualified, on time, motivated and show initiative. We expecting a flexible commitment as regards to employment and working hours.  Overtime and shift are in the end natural occurrences in certain functions. Of course we try the best we can to reckon with personal circumstances.

Do you dare?M.P.S. is constantly looking for new experienced employees who can be deployed at multiple contractors.  Are you interested and would you like to be included in our application record, fill in this form and we will contact you as soon as possible.