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Forklift driver training

Is the transport of goods on pallet with the use of (fork) lift trucks a daily activity in your organization? You can go to M.P.S. Personnel Service B.V. for professional heft truck training of your personnel to improve the safety on the work floor both inside and outside.

Yearly serious accidents still occur with forklift trucks. To reduce the number of accidents and to improve the safety of the work floor both inside and outside a thorough education is from up most importance. Besides this every employee who operates a forklift truck must demonstrate that he or she has sufficient expertise according to the Working Conditions Act. M.P.S. Personnel Service B.V., the education center of Peinemann offers extensive forklift truck training for clients.

During the forklift truck training there will be extensive education how to operate a forklift truck safely and responsibly and how the safety-and company regulations should be brought into practice. In addition, the dangers and limits of working with forklift trucks will be discussed. The training consists of a theory-and a practical part. The following subjects will be treated:


    • Control and preventive maintenance 
    • Working Conditions Act (Arbowet)
    • General safety regulations
    • Load handling
    • Load diagram
    • technique
    • attachments



    • Control and preventive maintenance
    • Driving and safe transport
    • Preventing accidents and damages
    • Recognition of dangerous defects
    • Loading and unloading trucks
    • Entry and exit of pallets from racks at various heights location

The duration of forklift training is at least 1 day. The theory-and practical part are both completed with an exam. We recommend people who don’t have any experience with forklift trucks to take multiple days of training for a better and safer result.

The forklift training will take place at one of the Peinemann locations in Hoogvliet, Amsterdam or Veendam. Besides this it is possible for M.P.S to provide the training at your own business premises.

With the successful completion of the forklift truck training, the participant will receive a recognized national BMWT train certificate or a SSVV-recognized certificate. The certificate is valid for 5 years.

 If u would like to register for one of the trainings or do you which to receive more information, please contact M.P.S Personnel Service B.V. bye telephone: 010-4385178 or mail use at: opleidingen@peinemann.nl