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Platform training

Are the proceedings of your organization taking place on high places? For professional aerial platform training u can visit M.P.S. Personnel Service B.V.

The technical development concerning aerial platforms is accelerated throughout the years. Because of the improved usage possibilities of the machine and its control panels have become more complex; the result of this is the number of accidents which have increased over the years. Thorough aerial platform training is therefore a necessity and will reduce the number of accidents. At M.P.S. Personnel Service B.V you’re at the right place for professional aerial platforms training.

During the aerial platform training of M.P.S. there will be extensive education how to work safely and efficiently with aerial platforms.  The training consists of a theory-and a practical part. The following subject will be treated:


    •  definition high worker, models and types
    •  Naming different parts
    •  Relevant legal provisions
    •  Safety equipment and safety
    • Machine specific part (depending on used manufacturer and type)


    •   Particle exercise on a pre-set  parkour, depending on the type of machine

Three categories

There are three different categories within the aerial platform training, which are accordance the European standard (EN 280):

    • Category 1B: Statistic Boom
      Telescope- and nod telescope platforms equipped with outriggers, truck-trailers, truck-chassis, spider lifts with outriggers
    • Category 3A: Mobile Vertical
      Self-propelled scissor lifts and self-propelled single vertical lifts
    • Category 3B: Mobile Boom
      Self-propelled telescopic and articulated booms


The SSVV-recognized aerial platform practical exam as per 1 January 2014 should be taken with the use of a three-dimensional method. This three-dimensional method ensures a more realistic training to improve and insure the safety in the work floor. At M.P.S Personnel Service B.V. safety is the number one priority and shall therefore make use of the three-dimensional construction during the SSVV-recognized practical exam.

The aerial platform training duration is at least 1 day. The theory-and practical part are both completed with an exam. We recommend people who don’t have any experience with aerial platforms to take multiple days of training for a better and safer result.

The aerial platform training will take place at one of the Peinemann locations in Hoogvliet, Amsterdam or Veendam. Besides this it is possible for M.P.S to provide the training at your own business premises, on the condition that we will use of one of your one aerial platforms. The aerial platform training however can only take place on your one premise when the aerial platform is in a good condition and is approved.

With the successful completion of the aerial platform training, the participant will receive a recognized national BMWT train certificate or a SSVV-recognized certificate. The certificate is valid for 5 years.

 If u would like to register for one of the trainings or do you which to receive more information, please contact M.P.S Personnel Service B.V. bye telephone: 010-4385178 or
mail use at: opleidingen@peinemann.nl