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All our solutions correspond to the requirements regarding durability, safety, professionalism, reliability and optimal service.

Attention to sustainability

We offer a total package of transport solutions to customers in different markets. Safety, sustainability, professional competence, reliability and optimal service are our top priorities. By combining these with speed, accuracy and flexibility, we have ensured that our customers are satisfied for generations.

We are very aware that the environment is affected by our daily transport activities. We strive to minimize the burden on the environment and to meet the energy demands in the most economically, socially and environmentally responsible way. These energy demands will continue to increase in the future. At the moment, the world is still dependent on fossil fuels that have a major impact on the environment. By using energy more economically and efficiently, we can significantly limit the emission of harmful gases and reduce the increase in demand.

To embed this in our policy, we have been working for some time in accordance with the ISO 14001 standard in relation to the minimization and management of environmental risks and environmental impact. We also have the following certifications: VCA, VVT, BMWT, ISO 9001. Click here for an overview of the certificates.

Environmental policy

Our environmental policy includes the following priorities:

  • Automation and digitization to reduce paper usage
  • Purchase of hybrid and electric passenger cars
  • Purchase of hybrid and electric rental machines
  • Stimulating sales of electrical machines
  • Minimisation of transport movements of rental machines (CO2 emissions)
  • Replace traditional lighting with LED lighting
  • Replace traditional gas heating with infrared heating
  • Using light switches with motion detectors on rental machines
  • Investments in the latest engines Tier 4B (lowest CO2 emissions) or Euro 6
  • Working with Start/Stop systems

Social return

Social return is another important aspect of our business. As a family business, we are very involved in allowing candidates and/or students to gain work experience in the industry, whether for a short or longer period of time. We also try to stimulate the influx of young candidates. Currently this consists of the following aspects:

  • Work experience positions
  • Trial internships
  • Work-study training
  • Graduation positions
  • Participation Act

About us

What started as a family business in Rotterdam has grown into a one-stop shop with more than 1000 employees worldwide. We keep organisations operational with a combination of equipment rental, customized service contracts, and multiple breakdown services. This is how we add value to logistics processes within construction, industry, port, and logistics.”

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