Even more flexible

Articulated boom lifts are even more flexible than telescopic boom lifts, becayse the articulated boom technology makes it possible to swivel 'over' objects or to put the machines under the object that had to be reached.

These machines are available in diesel and electric versions. The electric boom lifts can be used inside halls, workshops or other covered places without the nuisance of exhaust fumes. The articulated boom lift can be operated easily from the platform. With a maximum working height of nearly 48 metres and an outreach of 23,55 metres, Peinemann has a machine for any job.

Below is an overview including specsheets of the articulated boom lifts which Peinemann has available for the rental:

Diesel Articulated boom lifts
TypeWorking height (m)Outreach (m)Lift capacity (kg)Weight (kg)Specs
157 KTDJ15,86
160 KTDJ16,258,954008.100160-ktdj---v4---p43.pdf
180 KTDJ17,599,372277.394180-ktdj---v4---p44.pdf
209 KTDJ20,8712,4222710.281209-ktdj---v4---p45.pdf
260 KTDJ25,7718,2922717.010260-ktdj---v4---p46.pdf
401 KTDJZ40,3019,90230-45021.000401-ktdjz---v4---p47.pdf
432 KTDJ43,1521,2627220.502432-ktdj---v4---p48.pdf
481 KTDJZ48,1523,55270-45026.027481-ktdjz---v4---p49.pdf
electric articulated boom lifts
TypeWorking height (m)Outreach (m)Lift capacity (kg)Weight(kg)Specs
110 KTEJZ10,896,252276.450peinemann-type-110-ktejz---v4---p54.pdf
120 KTE12,206,102003.435peinemann-type-120-kte---v4---p55.pdf
125 KTEJ12,526,782275.171peinemann-type-125-ktej---v4---p57.pdf
150 KTEJZ15,007,602006.700peinemann-type-150-ktejz---v4---p58.pdf
157 KTEJ15,947,652277.394peinemann-type-157-ktej---v4---p59.pdf
170 KTEJ16,909,402006.910peinemann-type-170-ktej---v4---p60.pdf
170 KTEJ(1)17,009,702257.650peinemann-type-170-ktej1---v4---p61.pdf
200 KTEJ20,1611,152277.530peinemann-type-200-ktej---v4---p62.pdf
203 KTEJZ20,3914,192307.815peinemann-type-203-ktejz---v4---p63.pdf

 D = Diesel, E = Electric, J = Jib, K = Articulated, T = Telescopic, Z = Horizontal jib rotation, (1) = Narrow

Rates can be found in the total rental programme of Peinemann Acces Equipment.

Rental programmerental-programme-peinemann-hws-2018---digital.pdf