Peinemann offers rough terrain trucks with diesel engines and a lifting capacity till 5 tons. Rough terrain trucks excel in their multifunctional applications and are very suitable work in construction and in industries.

Below is an overview including specsheets of the rough terrain trucks which Peinemann has available for the rental:


Type Working height (m) Lift capacity (kg) Weight(kg) Specs
25 RHT 3,70 2.500 4.340 peinemann-type-25-rht---v4---p133.pdf
30 RHT 5,50 3.000 6.340 peinemann-type-30-rht---v4---p134.pdf
30 RHTG 5,50 3.000 5.485 peinemann-type-30-rhtg---v4---p135.pdf
50 RHT 5,50 5.000 8.190 peinemann-type-50-rht---v4---p136.pdf

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