Up to 34 metres

Scissor lifts have been the perfect soluton for indoor and outdoor acitivities for many years. These electric driven work platforms are characterised by being extremely compact, which makes them suitable for locations that are difficult to reach. The diesel versions are suitable for work outdoors and bring you to a working height of nearly 34 metres. The electric driven versions are highly suitable for use indoors. Many of the models have extendable platforms that provide even more flexibility to reach the work place.

Below is an overview including specsheets of the articulated boom lifts which Peinemann has available for the rental: 


TypeWorking height (m)Lift capacity (kg)Weight (kg)Specs
80 SVE7,903631.825peinemann-type-80-sve---v4---p98.pdf
99 SVE9,804542.447peinemann-type-99-sve---v4--p99.pdf
99 SVE(1)9,932271.956peinemann-type-99-sve1---v4---p100.pdf
118 SVE11,753182.812peinemann-type-118-sve---v4---p101.pdf
140 SVE13,703503.260peinemann-type-140-sve---v4---p102.pdf
160 SVE16,007507.550peinemann-type-160-sve---v4---p103.pdf
188 SVE18,805007.985peinemann-type-188-sve---v4---p104.pdf


TypeWorking height (m)Lift capacity (kg)Weight (kg)Specs
98 SVRD/s9,706803.768peinemann-type-98-svrdis---v4---p86.pdf
100 SDSL10,006803.150peinemann-type-100-sdsl---v4---p87.pdf
110 SDSL
118 SVRD/s11,754543.949peinemann-type-118-svrdis---v4---p89.pdf
143 SVRD/s14,123635.136peinemann-type-143-svrdis---v4---p90.pdf
180 SVRD/s17,956808.050peinemann-type-180-svrdis---v4---p91.pdf
219 SVD/s21,5075011.990peinemann-type-219-svdis---v4---p92.pdf
270 SVD/s27,00100021.910peinemann-type-270-svdis---v4---p93.pdf
340 SVD/s33,70100031.200peinemann-type-340-svdis---v4---p94.pdf

 D = Diesel, E = Electric, J = Jib, R = Roucg terrain, S = Scissor, SL = Speedlevel, /s = outriggers, V = Extendable or mobile platform, (1) = Narrow

Rates can be found in the total rental programme of Peinemann Acces Equipment.

Rental programmerental-programme-peinemann-hws-2018---digital.pdf