Light & easy

Their low weight makes spider and trailer-mounted lifts ideal for carrying out work on a surface with a port load bearing capacity.  

The crawler spider lifts will be delivered on site and have the benefit of being easy to move. As the machine folds down to a compact shape it can be used in many places inside and outside. The trailer-mounted type can be transported when you have a BE driving licence and the right towing vehicle. These machines enable you to reach a maximum height of 29 metres. The articulated boom technology on both models provides you plenty of flexibility for reaching the required places.


TypeWorking height (m)Outreach (m)Lift capacity (kg)Weight (kg)Specs
140 KTDCS14,007,00120-2001.700peinemann-type-140-ktdcs---v4---p68.pdf
154 KTDCS15,406,602301.940peinemann-type-154-ktdcs---v4---p69.pdf
190 KTDCS18,776,40120-2002.098peinemann-type-190-ktdcs---v4---p70.pdf
200 KTDCS20,009,702302.880peinemann-type-200-ktdcs---v4---p71.pdf
230 KTDCS23,0011,202002.990peinemann-type-230-ktdcs---v4---p72.pdf
250 TDCS25,2018,0080-2003.760peinemann-type-250-tdcs---v4---p73.pdf
300 TDCS30,0015,7080-2004.300peinemann-type-300-tdcs---v4---p74.pdf
360 TDCS35,5015,6080-2004.900peinemann-type-360-tdcs---v4---p75.pdf
400 KTDCS39,5016,70200-40011.900peinemann-type-400-ktdcs---v4---p76.pdf

 C = Crawler, D = Diesel, K = Articulated, S = Stamps, T = Telescopic


TypeWorking height (m)Outreach (m)Lift capacity (kg)Weight (kg)Specs
170 KTA17,108,70200on requestpeinemann-type-170-kta---v4---p80.pdf
210 KTA21,0011,7080-120-215on requestpeinemann-type-210-kta---v4---p81.pdf
250 TA25,0015,5080-200on requestpeinemann-type-250-ta---v4---p82.pdf
290 TA29,0012,3080-200on requestpeinemann-type-290-ta---v4---p83.pdf

 A = Trailer-mounted, K = Articulated, T = Telescopic

Rates can be found in the total rental programme of Peinemann Acces Equipment.


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