Below you will find an overview including specsheets of the terminal tractors which Peinemann has available for rental and / or sale: 

YT-series (Yard trekkers)
GCW (ton)Hefvermogen (ton)Specs
YT 182 *75t/m 35yt182-specs.pdf
YT 202 EV65 t/m 35yt202-ev-specs.pdf
YT 222 *90t/m 35yt222-specs.pdf

RT-series (RoRo trekkers)GCW (ton)Hefvermogen (ton)Specs
RT 223150t/m 35rt223-specs.pdf
RT 283165t/m 35rt283-specs.pdf
RT 323165t/m 35
RT 403200t/m 45

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