Bundle handling - petrochemistry

Peinemann has experience for more than 35 years in bundle extraction. While the world around us changes, so does the size and weight of the bundles.

We notice that there are increasingly larger and heavier bundles present in the new factories. Bigger than we ever expected. As a leader in the global market of the bundle extractors we remain constantly aware of new developments and we develop our bundle extractor according to the latest technological possibilities.

There are different types of bundle extractors for rent at Peinemann Cranes:

Type  Used for
Aerial tube bundle extractor Heat exchangers in all kinds of diameters and weights.
Self propelled bundle extractor large number of low-level bundles during maintenance stops.
Truck-Mounted bundle extractor occasional multiple employment at various locations.
Furnace tube extractor pulling / installing pipes up to 12 and 24 meters.
Bundle lifters hoisting bundles at refineries and (petro) chemical plants.
Combi lifter & bundle extractor pulling of bundles more efficient and safer.

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