The new Peinemann Flex Frame is deliberately made to accommodate the cleaning of insitu heat exchangers in a safe and more efficient way.

As we strive to get the operators as far away as possible from any exposure to high pressure water, the 2LTC with the new flex frame allows the operator to work from a safe distance with a pneumatic remote control.

Easy to assemble

The whole construction is easy to assemble on the heat exchanger shell without the use of cranes or forklifts. The whole setup consists only of 5 pieces which are all portable by hand. The added advantage is the flexibility by being able to fit multiple types of Peinemann cleaning equipment on the same clamp plate. Both single (1LTC/XLTC) as well as the Dual Lance (2LTC & 2LTC Fin Fan) machines can be easily fitted.

Special accessories

Various special accessories are available to fit the Flex Frame to a tube sheet or the header of an airfin cooler (ACC). With this new revolutionary tool, you can double your productivity and increase your quality of cleaning while providing the safest work environment for your operators.

Automated Hole Location Flex Frame Retro-Fit Kit

The Flex Frame can be used with the Industry-leading Smart Indexer HUB and Lunchbox which allows you to automatically navigate hole-to-hole during tube bundle cleaning with a single click of a button.

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