The new Orion indexer is the latest addition to our line of water-jetting tools.

The Orion enables the use of the LTC and XLTC in a “hands free” fully robotic mode. It offers cleaning solutions for heat exchangers in place, in both horizontal and vertical configurations. This new patent pending device is compact, light weight and easily installed in minutes by a single operator. The Orion consist of four major components; a mounting bracket with pneumatic gearbox, 2” box rail with pneumatic movement, LTC or XLTC drive, and a remote control.

The operator can control all functions from the pneumatic, lightweight remote control unit, including lance feed rate, and air actuated dump... All from a safe distance, eliminating the need for a hand held (X)LTC.

This versatile and flexible new tool can also be used in combination with a gun nozzle attachment for easy and safe cleaning of the tube sheet, flanges and other components.

Brochure Orion & TLXorionxltc-2018lq.pdf
Technical specificationsEUUS
Orion Components
Linear Axis Dims153 x 5 cm60.2” x 2”
Linear Axis w/ Motor Weight14 kg30 lbs
Radial Axis w/ Mouting Flange16 kg35 lbs
1-XLTC Assy in stainless Housing14 kg30 lbs
Remote Control including pneumatic Dump & Speed control
Dimension26 (l) x 16 (w) x 19 (h) cm10.2” x 6.3” x 7.5”
Weight2.3 kg5 lbs
Maximum Air Pressure6.3 bar91 Psi
Air Consumption at max Output 7.9 l/s -16.8 cfm7.9 l/s -16.8 cfm
Dump Valve

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