Peinemann introduces the outside bundle cleaner type C. This system was developed by Peinemann in cooperation with several high pressure cleaning specialists in order to bring you a safe and efficient cleaning machine to clean the outside of your bundles fast, safe and easy.

The OBC-C is a productive shellside cleaner for use in the cleaning bay during turnarounds. The operator is very comfortable in a separate larger cabin completely protected from the high pressure water and contamination. This cabin allows for a clear view of the bundle and gives the operator full control of the nozzle bar which can be manipulated in three directions; “horizontal, vertical and in/out”. 

With the new optional turntable it is even possible for the mast to turn a 180 degrees enabling 2 bundles to be cleaned on two sides. The OBC-C contains a rotating cleaning head as an extra feature.

The tube bundle is placed on two optional heavy duty rollers ( which come in different sizes), controlled from the much larger operator cabin. These new heavy duty rollers are equipped with 2 hydraulic motors instead of 1 which provides twice as much torque to turn the bundle. 

In contrast to the use of a chain, the OBC-C is driven by a hydraulic motor and a rack and pinion drive, which results in less maintenance and is proportional better operated. The OBC-C requires less maintenance due to plastic slide blocks instead of the rollers and bearings and is made more stable thanks to the wider outriggers.

The whole construction is made more robust and can therefore handle even bigger flows for improved cleaning results. The OBC-C can handle flows of up to 400 liter at 700 bar with a maximum pressure of 1000 Bar. The proper combination of water pressure (up to 1000 bar) and flow, removes scaling, coke, polymers, etc. without the use of any additional cleaning materials. 

The up and down movement of the mast is cable and cylinder driven instead of using a hydraulic motor and chain. The OBC-C is easy to assemble and has the added benefit that it can be easily transported. In conclusion, the OBC-C is made for heavy duty work and the dirtier the better…

Technical SpecificationsEUUS
Total Weight4900 kg10802.65 lbs
Height Column3440 mm135,43"
Total Length12150 mm478,35"
Transport Length6000 mm236,22"
Transport Height2100 mm82,68"
Width2480 mm97,64"
Number of nozzlesStandard 3 NozzlesStandard 3 Nozzles
Max. pressure1000 bar15000 Psi
Jet lance horizontal travel1500 mm (in/out)59,05" (in/out)
Jet Lance vertical travel2300 mm (up/down)90,55" (up/down)
Jet Lance cross travel10000 mm (left/right)393,70" (left/right)
EngineStandard Hatz 1D90 - optional Kubota D1105Standard Hatz 1D90 - optional Kubota D1105
Number of cylindersHatz 1 cylinder | Kubota 3 cylinderHatz 1 cylinder | Kubota 3 cylinder
Cubic capacityHatz 0,722 L | Kubota 1.123 L Hatz 0.19 gal | Kubota 0.30 gal
RPMHatz 3000 rpm | Kubota 2400 rpmHatz 3000 rpm | Kubota 2400 rpm
Horse powerHatz 10,2 kW | Kubota 18,7 kWHatz 10,2 kW | Kubota 18,7 kW
Cooling systemHatz Air cooled | Kubota Water cooledHatz Air cooled | Kubota Water cooled
Oil tank140 L140 L
Hydraulic system26 l/min at 150 bar 6.9 gal at 2200 Psi
OBC type C BrochureOBC type C Brochure

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