High Pressure cleaning of heat exchangers has never been this easy and safe!

Excellent cleaning results due to consistent speed and front and back cleaning. Moves the high-pressure hose by means of friction blocks fitted on chains. Weight is only 22 pounds. Pressure and lenght according to selection of hose. The XLTC Lance machine is most suitable for larger size hoses starting from 6/2 (DN6) or 1/4” up to 8/4 (DN8). Can also be used for UHP set up such as 4/6 up to 3000 bar (43500 PSI).

Technical SpecificationsEUUS
Min - Max air pressure3.0 Bar - 6.3 Bar45 psi - 95 psi
Air consumption180 liters per minute at max RPM (6,3 CFM)
Cleaning speed with standard air motorAt 3 Bar 45 cm/s At 6.3 Bar 70 cm/s At 45 psi, 18" per second At 95 psi, 30" per second
Cleaning speed with slow air motor (optional)At 3 Bar, 14 cm/s At 6.3 Bar, 19 cm/s At 45 psi, 5,5" per second At 95 psi, 7,5" per second
Min - max flex lance outside diameter8 - 15 mm 314" - 590"
Max. pull / push strengthApprox. 50 kg110 foot pounds
Hose Size (OD)3/2 - 8/43/2 - 8/4
WeightXLTC 10 kg21 pounds
Recommended nozzleNeutral configurationNeutral configuration
1 LTC & XLTC Single Lance Tube Cleaner1-ltc--xltc-single-lance-tube-cleaner.pdf

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