Automatic Cleaning Equipment which can be used with both flex and rigid lances. The TLE combi is equipped with a double chain drive and gives you added flexibility as you could use the optional rigid Lance package as well.

The TLE Combi gives excellent cleaning results due to consistant cleaning speed and by cleaning the tubes twice. An extremely versatile combination that can tackle most cleaning jobs and is capable of cleaning 300 to 350 tubes per hour.

Technical specificationsEUUS
Height2,2 m86"
Width2,5 m98"
Length10,5 m34,5 ft
Maximum capacity2 air motors of 0,82 HP each = 1,64 HP at 380 RPM2 air motors of 0,82 HP each = 1,64 HP at 380 RPM
Air consumption30 - 40 L/S (with standard air motors) (63 - 85 cfm)30 - 40 L/S (with standard air motors) (63 - 85 cfm)
Cleaning speed10 cm/sec - up to 50 cm/sec4" up to 19,5" per second
Max. pull/push strengthapprox. 1.000 N737 foot pounds
Water pressurereccom. 1.000 bar (higher pressure possible) 14.500 psi
Water flowreccom. 120 LPM (higher flow possible) 31,7 GPM
Working length (standard)8,1 m 26,5 ft

TLE 3 Lance BrochureTLE 3Lance Brochure

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