The right tools, are half the job

We have a full range of aerial bundle extractors to be used with a crane, from 25t to 125t, with lengths of 6m to 14.5m. We also supply mobile extractors fitted on a truck, which can drive on public roads and handle bundles of 20t (maximum) up to 7.5m, as well as self-propelled extractors with a maximum capacity of 25t, which are built especially for tight areas and low height applications.

Bundle lifters are used to handle heat exchangers when they are pulled out of the shell in a safe and efficient way. Instead of using slings, which often damage tubes and baffle plates, our bundle lifters have large steel plates which are hydraulically adjusted according to the size of the bundle. These lift the bundle onto multiple baffle plates, avoiding damage to the exchangers. Bundle lifters can also be used alongside bundle extractors.