The peinemann equipment bundle lifter is the most recent development with regards to lifting bundles at refineries and (petro) chemical plants. The unit is self-supportive due to the use of an air-cooled diesel engine. the engine drives the hydraulic pump and is equipped with a spark arrestor. All hydraulic functions are remotely controlled for increased safety of the operator. The bundle lifter can be adjusted to the diameter of the bundle by means of 2 sets of hydraulic cylinders fitted with holding valves.


The operator cannot get his hands in between the slings and the bundle. The operator doesn’t need to climb on the trailer to handle the slings.


The bundle lifter is easy to position above the bundle which saves a lot of time. When the bundle lifter puts the bundles on the rollers for cleaning, the lifting slings are normally around the baffle plates causing problems. With the bundle lifter, the bottom of the bundle is free, making it easy to load it on the rollers.


The rigger doesn’t have to lift any heavy slings anymore and doesn’t get dirty when he operates the wireless remote control.


The bundle lifter carries the bundle over a length of 3.6m avoiding damages to the tie rods and baffle plates. Especially when the bundles are fitted with half baffle plates and diagonal baffle plates, the bundle lifter has a great advantage compared to the lifting slings.

Time Savings

The bundle lifter can be operated by just 1 operator in comparison to 2 operators when using the traditional lifting slings.

Technical SpecificationsEURUS
Weightapprox. 4000 kgapprox. 8,818 lbs.
Length3600 mm11.81 ft
Transport height3499 mm11.15ft
Transport width2499 mm8.2 ft
Capacity30T66,000 lbs
Bundle diameter300 mm - 2000 mm (baffle-plate diameter max. 1850 mm)0,98 ft - 6,56 ft (baffle-plate diameter max. 6.07 ft)
Operation2-hands control with wireless remote2-hands control with wireless remote
EngineHatz 2 cylinder ait cooled engine with spark arrestor and hydraulic pumpHatz 2 cylinder ait cooled engine with spark arrestor and hydraulic pump
30T Bundle Lifter30T Bundle Lifter

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