Peinemann Equipment presents the Self Propelled Bundle Extractor, a machine with a maximum capacitiy of 25T and 2 stearing axles.

The Self Propelled Bundle Extractor is designed to handle large number of low elevation bundles during maintenance shutdowns. The extractor has 2 steering axles to reduce turning radius or drive diagonally to reach bundles in the most difficult areas. The mast height has been reduced to 3.4m (11’,2”) in order to be road legal when transported on a low bed trailer. This also allows clearance when driving beneath pipe racks and other low structures within the plant.

The Self Propelled Bundle Extractor is operated via remote control. An optional wireless remote is available while a corded remote is standard. Due to its compact design, short turning and simple operation, this extractor is considered to be one of the fastest and most versatile in the industry. This makes it the perfect tool for large shutdowns.

Operational monitoring instruments Water temperature, oil pressure, battery, hydraulic oil pressure gauge, load control, hand-brake indicator lamp, oil pressure gauge for all hydraulic systems. Automatic motor cut-off when hydraulic oil drops below the minimum level.

Electronic control system 24 volt relay control with variable electronic oil volume adjustment of all the hydraulic functions. All functions can be operated from the cabin as well as by remote control.

Safety devices Emergency power-off switch on both control platforms. All load-bearing hydraulic cylinders are individually safeguarded against excessive pressure. All load-bearing hydraulic cylinders have a line break safety mechanism.

Carrying force 25 tons Front and rear axles are each rated for a carrying capacity of 25 tons.

Regulations applied in the construction and calculation DIN 4100 15019 Din 4114 as well as accident prevention regulations Crane VBG 9 and VBG 9a as well as lifting platform VBG 14.

Technical SpecificationsEURUS
Length7,325 m24'
Width2,8 m9’,2”
Height minimum3,4 m11' ,2" 
Dead Weight22T48,500 lbs.
Maximum working height (above ground to bottom of the tube sheet)6 m20’
Minimum working height
(above ground to bottom of the front tube sheet)
0,8 m31”
Maximum bundle diameter2 m78”
Maximum bundle weightup to 25T55,000 lbs.
Maximum bundle length8 m

Maximum tensile force50T 110,000 lbs.
Pulling rate6 m/min20’/min
Speedapproximately 10 km/happroximately 6 mph
Self Propelled Bundle ExtractorSelf Propelled Bundle Extractor

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