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Equipment for the efficient set up and dismantling of events

  • From large productions to small local events

  • Hybrid and electric equipment

  • 20 service technicians on the road for rapid on-site assistance

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Ideal lifting and transportation solutions

From elevating a main stage tens of metres high to positioning equipment on the ridge of a tent or in a hall. Working at heights is not just common but essential during event set-up and dismantling. Ensuring safety in these operations necessitates the use of appropriate equipment. We offer a wide variety of reliable options tailored for this purpose.

Our inventory includes rough-terrain forklifts, telehandlers, grapples, cranes, and aerial work platforms, each selected to meet the demands of event logistics. Moreover, our fleet prioritises sustainability, featuring hybrid and electric lifts, forklifts, and cranes capable of executing assembly and dismantling tasks quietly and emission-free.


24/7 support and a single point of contact

Events have very tight schedules, that’s why continuity is crucial. We offer a single point of contact available around the clock, ensuring swift response and resolution in case of any disruptions. Whether it’s on-site repairs or prompt replacements, we take immediate action to minimise downtime.

For indoor events, our machinery is equipped with non-marking tires, preventing any unsightly marks on hall floors.

Equipment for events

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Our projects

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About us

We have been involved in forklift rental since 1954. This is still our passion but today, anno 2024, we have grown into a company of stature. We refer to ourselves as a one-stop-shop for horizontal and vertical internal transport.

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