A high standard of Health, Safety Environment and Quality (HSEQ) is vital to our success. By maintaining a high level of HSEQ, we aim to meet our clients’ expectations and commit ourselves to creating a safe and healthy working environment for everyone working for Peinemann. We work continuously to reduce the number of accidents and incidents to zero and to limit risks to personnel, equipment, and the environment as much as reasonably practicable.  

Safety is a way of life

Peinemann and safety go hand in hand.  Peinemann expect from our employees that they take their own responsibility and for the safety of their colleges. Olso we except a work proactive attitude for creating a safe working environment. Safety awareness should extend beyond the workplace, for example when doing odd jobs, driving or taking part in sport.

Safety culture
Peinemann encourages a proactive safety culture in which everyone is responsible for their own and other people's safety. Good leadership offers a firm basis for this. In 2017, Peinemann commissioned a safety culture of baseline measurement. The results of the research will be included in a Safety Leadership training in 2018. The programme encourages openness about safety manners, something a proactive culture should have. This is a culture in which employees do not shy away from confronting one another or from reporting mishaps, so that everyone can learn from their experience.   

Safety innovations
Digtial Safety Passport (DSP). 
Peinemann is actively working with the DSP from the start of the introduction. The Digital Safety Passport has been developed as a personal digital information carrier. No more fuss with unclear stamps, copies and surprises at the gate due to expired instructions. Training and safety instructions are almost fully automated and all validity is checked. This saves a lot of administration and time saving at the gate.  

Capptions - Safety App
A pilot at Peinemann Cranes has recently started to report incidents and inspections via the App. In this way Peinemann Kranen promotes, among other things, a positive reporting culture. The reports go directly to the HSEQ department for a thorough evaluation with the aim to learn from the incident and to avoid repetition of an unsafe situation. 

Standards en certificates           
The Peinemann Management System (PMS) provides a framework for managing the company’s activities and the associated risks. It describes company processes and is essential to maintaining the quality of our work. All Peinemann entities fall under this integrated management system, which encompasses our concern for quality, health, safety, and the living environment.

Peinemann has been certified in accordance with ISO 9001 (quality management);  ISO 14001 (environmental management) and VCA (*)(**)(P) (health and safety management).  We have a multi-site certificate for the ISO, VCA standards, which means that all of our legal entities are covered by a collective certification scheme. In addition to the above, we also have BMWT and VVT industry standards intergraded in our management system with a certifications.