The vision of the Peinemann Mobilift Group (PMG) is to be a leading company in the field of horizontal, vertical and road transport. What started out as a family business in 1954 has grown into an international specialist in the world of transport and logistics. As a one-stop-shop with branches all over the world PMG leases and sells a wide range of equipment and provides additional maintenance and personnel services.

PMG's quality policy aims to offer its customers a total package of transport solutions. This package must meet the agreed requirements, needs and expectations of customers, ensuring durability, safety, professionalism, reliability, optimal service, speed, accuracy and flexibility.

PMG is aware that the environment is affected by its daily transport activities. However, PMG strives to minimize the environmental impact and to meet the energy need in an economically, socially and environmentally responsible way.  This energy need will continue to increase in the upcoming years. The increase may be less if we will use energy in a more efficient and economical way. The world is still focusing on fossil fuels, which are very damaging to the environment. By using energy more efficiently, the emission of harmful gases can be reduced significantly.

In order to anchor this in our policy, PMG works according to the ISO 14001 standard to minimalize and control the environmental risks and environmental impact. PMG is also a VCA, VVT, BMWT and ISO 9001 certified company.

PMG’s environmental policy consists of :

  • Automation and digitization to reduce paper usage
  • Purchase of hybrid and electric cars
  • Purchase of hybrid and electric rental machines
  • Stimulation of sales of electric machines
  • Minimization of transport movements of rental machines (CO2 emissions)
  • Replacement of traditional lighting for LED lighting
  • Replacement of traditional gas heating for infrared heating
  • Use of light switches with motion detectors on rental machines
  • Investments in the latest engines Tier 4B (lowest CO2 emission) or Euro 6
  • Work with Start / Stop systems  

Social return is also an important aspect for the Peinemann Mobilift Group. PMG is involved in the process to give students work experience in the transport and logistic industry. In addition, PMG tries to stimulate the influx of young candidates. Currently, the social return policy consists of the following aspects:

  • Work shadowing
  • BBL students
  • Internships
  • Graduation Internships
  • Participation Act: PMG strives to give people with a disease or a disability the opportunity to participate in the labor market.


Ecostars is a recognition scheme for freight and passenger carriers. The aim is to improve the air quality in Rotterdam and the surrounding area to help reduce the fuel consumption of carriers. 

Peinemann has achieved 4 stars for being a sustainable company through the ECOSTARS program, which shows that PMG is working clean and sustainable.

CO2 footprint

To contribute in reducing the greenhouse effect, Peinemann Heftrucks has opted for certification on the CO2 Performance Ladder. We have formulated the policy for sustainable business, the CO2 reduction objectives and the actions to continuously work on improving the results achieved. It is imperative that we communicate our stated ambitions and share our knowledge for CO2 reduction. We want to create environmental awareness at all levels in the organization and achieve measurable sustainability results. We have drawn up the CO2 footprint for our organization and are working on certification for CO2 Conscious level 3 according to the CO2 Performance Ladder. This forces us to opt for sustainable machinery and to work on a low-energy office and energy-efficient business processes.

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CO2 Footprint 2018 - Lift Trucksrapportage-co2-footprint-2018-1585900172.pdf

C02 Footprint 2019 - Lift Trucks

C02 Footprint 2020 - Lift Trucks/files/HSEQ/2021-03-co2-footprint-2020-peinemann-hef.pdf
C02 Footprint 2020 - Acces Equipmentnieuwsbrief-co2-2020-02---peinemann-1585900166.pdf
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