Up to 42,000 kg

These lift trucks are particularly suitable for handling flows of goods outdoors. The major advantages of machines of this kind are the huge range of lifting capacities available (2,500 to 42,000 kg) and unlimited run time.

The diesel and LPG lift trucks offered by Peinemann are equipped with the latest technology and comply with the strictest guidelines when it comes to exhaust gas cleaning systems. With the latest cleaning systems for diesel engines (Diesel Particulate Filter, Diesel Oxidation Catalysts Selective Catalyst Reduction), regeneration and cleaning are no longer necessary, which means that there is no downtime in the operation. For LPG engines, a 3-way controlled catalytic converter is often used.

Peinemann Lift Trucks offers the below diesel or LPG lift trucks:

2,500 kgDiesel / LPG
3,000 kgDiesel / LPG
4,000 kgDiesel / LPG
5,000 kgDiesel / LPG
7,000 kgDiesel
7,000 kgLPG
10,000 kgDiesel
16,000 kgDiesel
25,000 kgDiesel
up to 42,000 kgDiesel

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