up to 16,000 kg

Peinemann strives to minimize the environmental impact and to meet the energy need in an economically, socially and environmentally responsible way. By using energy more efficiently, the emission of harmful gases can be reduced significantly. This green vision can also be found in the rental fleet of Peinemann. The last few years Peinemann has expanded its fleet with various electric and hybrid rental machines; 75% of the rental fleet is electric. 

Nowadays electrical lift trucks are equal in performance to engine-driven machines. Peinemann is glad to find the beste suitable machine for your business. 

Peinemann Lift Trucks offers the below electric lift trucks: 

Capacity Type
1,600 kg 3-wheel
2,500 kg 4-wheel
3,000 kg 4-wheel
4,000 kg 4-wheel
5,000 kg 4-wheel
7,000 kg 4-wheel
10,000 kg 4-wheel
16,000 kg 4-wheel

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