CO2 awareness certificate level 3 for Peinemann Lift Trucks

Posted: 24 August 2020

To contribute to the reduction of the greenhouse effect, Peinemann Lift Trucks has opted for certification on the CO2 Performance Ladder.

We have formulated the policy for sustainable enterprise, the CO2 reduction objectives and the actions to continuously work on improving the achieved results. For this, it is imperative that we communicate our stated ambitions and share knowledge gained for CO2 reduction. We want to create environmental awareness at all levels of the organization and achieve measurable sustainability results. That is why we have drawn up the CO2 footprint for our organization and have committed ourselves to the CO2 awareness certificate level 3 according to the CO2 Performance Ladder. This forces us to opt for sustainable machinery and to work on an energy-poor office and energy-efficient business processes.

We are very proud that we have obtained the CO2 awareness Certificate level 3!