First StreetScooters driving on hydrogen in Groningen

Posted: 25 October 2018

Two unique StreetScooters are delivered by Spijkstaal. Nowhere else in the world street scooters run on hydrogen.

Hydrogen is clean, safe and everywhere. Hydrogen as an energy carrier is two to three times more efficient than conventional fuels and because the only by-product is water, fuel cell cars are CO2-neutral.

Thanks to Spijkstaal and Holthausen, there is now a hydrogen version of the much-discussed StreetScooter with a larger action radius. These special StreetScooters use a unique fuel cell that generates electricity to power the electric motor. Without any form of harmful emissions.

Watch the episode of "How It's Done" below and get more information about the very first hydrogen-powered StreetScooters with fuel cell.