Peinemann provides assistance with the inspection of the emergency control tower at Schiphol

Posted: 28 August 2020

The 61m truck mounted lift was used on Thursday 27 August and Friday 28 August for the structural inspection of the emergency control tower at Schiphol Airport.

The control tower was build in 1967 and served as Schiphol's control tower until 1992 when it was replaced by the current control tower of Air Traffic Control the Netherlands. Nowadays the LVNL uses the old tower as an standby emergency control tower. The KNMI, which has also been situated in the control tower since 1967, is still present daily on the 37m high old tower with its meteo observers.

LVNL (Air Traffic Control the Netherlands) has commissioned Peinemann to assist during this inspection. In addition to using the truck-mounted aerial platform with operator, Peinemann provided various other equipment that was required for this job, including scissor lifts, scaffolding material, road plates, barriers and an aggregate.

Specific rules apply to the use of aerial work platforms or mobile cranes at an airport due to the possible influence on air traffic and the available radar systems. Peinemann, with its own office at Schiphol, is familiar with these regulations and procedures and has therefore provided all necessary Schiphol permits for the use of the truck mounted lift.