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Vehicle- and trailer-mounted aerial platforms

The best truck-mounted aerial platforms for your project.

  • Rent or purchase

  • Up to 29 metres high

  • Pick up from multiple locations

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Flexible working at height with our truck-mounted aerial platforms

If you have a B driving license, you can drive and operate the truck-mounted aerial platforms yourself. These versions are often used for work where constant movement of the machine over a greater distance is desired.

With a truck mounted aerial platform, you opt for a flexible solution for working at height. Renting a truck-mounted aerial platform, for example, helps with the repair and maintenance of windmills, roofs, pruning trees, cleaning windows and infrastructure work.


Type Working height (m) Outreach (m) Capacity (kg) Weight (kg) Specs
170 KTA 17,10 8,70 200 on request peinemann-type-170-kta—v4—p80.pdf Request quote
210 KTA 21,00 11,70 80-120-215 on request peinemann-type-210-kta—v4—p81.pdf Request quote
250 TA 25,00 15,50 80-200 on request peinemann-type-250-ta—v4—p82.pdf Request quote
290 TA 29,00 12,30 80-200 on request peinemann-type-290-ta—v4—p83.pdf Request quote


A = Trailer | K = Articulated arm | T = Telescopic

Truck-mounted platforms (driving license cat. B):

Type Working height (m) Outreach (m) Capacity (kg) Specs
134 TJVB 13,40 7,30 / 8,20 120-200 peinemann-type-134-tjvb—v4—p117_1537955886.pdf Request quote
200 KTV 20,00 9,10 230 peinemann-type-200-ktv—v4—p118_1537955955.pdf Request quote
210 TV 21,00 12,00 80-200 peinemann type 210 Request quote
250 TV 24,80 15,00 80-120-200 Peinemann type 250 TV – V4 – P120 Request quote
260 TV 25,60 12,90 / 17,50 100-230 peinemann-type-260-tv—v4—p121_1537955995.pdf Request quote
270 TV 27,00 17,00 100-230 peinemann-type-270-tv-specsheet.pdf Request quote
290 TV 28,60 16,20 100-200-230 peinemann-type-290-tv-specsheet.pdf Request quote


B = Bus model | J = Jib | K = Articulated arm |T = Telescope | V = Truck

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