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Heavy lift trucks

Strong, comfortable and reliable forklifts.

  • Large range of new and used heavy lift trucks

  • Capacity of up to 60 tons

  • For short or long-term rental

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Transporting heavy materials with safety and comfort


Heavy lift trucks excel in safely and efficiently transporting hefty materials within terminals or industrial settings. Their robustness and dependability rely on cutting-edge technology, including a sturdy chassis, efficient hydraulics, and intelligent Electronic Machine Control (EMC), which continuously monitors vital components and functions of the heavy lift truck.


Presently, we offer two Ecolifiting models: the Power Drive and the E-VER. The Power Drive model aids in reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions without compromising performance. On the other hand, the E-VER is a fully electrified forklift, eliminating the need for fossil fuels entirely. With our adaptable approach and extensive range of attachments, we ensure that we can cater to your needs in the most optimal manner.


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