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Electric forklifts

Simply the best electric forklifts for your organisation.

  • Rent or buy

  • Extensive lifting capabilities, ranging from 1 to 20 tons

  • Various battery types and charger options available

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100% electric forklifts quickly delivered to your location

In terms of performance, modern electric forklifts equipped with AC three-phase technology are on par with, if not surpassing, their combustion engine counterparts. With options like LI-Ion and exchange batteries, our electric forklifts are reliable for prolonged and heavy-duty operations.


Our range includes a variety of battery types and chargers, along with the option to take advantage of our battery management system for comprehensive outsourcing, including monthly reporting and expert advice.


We supply a diverse selection of electric forklifts, irrespective of brand, ensuring access to multiple manufacturers to cater to your specific in-house needs. Below, you will find a range of sales and rental options available for electric forklift trucks.

Electric forklifts


Capacity Version
1,500-2,000 kg 3-wheel Request quote
1,800-2,000 kg 4-wheel Request quote
2,500-3,500 kg 4-wheel Request quote
4,000-5,500 kg 4-wheel Request quote
6,000-12,000 kg 4-wheel Request quote


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In the face of skilled labour shortages, escalating material costs, and increasingly stringent sustainability regulations, logistical hurdles in construction, industry, ports, and warehousing are ever-present. We’re here to collaborate with you in overcoming these challenges.

As your trusted logistics service partner, we offer tailored advice to address your specific needs. From tackling engineering complexities to devising comprehensive lifting strategies, our in-house technical team is dedicated to supporting you every step of the way. Whether you’re considering sustainable logistics practices or transitioning to electrified equipment, we’ve got you covered.