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Empty container handlers

Stack empty containers quickly and efficiently.

  • Wide range of empty container handlers, new and used

  • Capacity class from 8 to 10 tons

  • Tailor-made maintenance contract possible

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Safe, comfortable and efficient stacking of empty containers  

Empty container handlers represent the ideal solution for swiftly and effectively stacking or storing empty containers. Maximising the available space at your location necessitates equipment capable of stacking containers as high and as close as possible. With our extensive range of empty container handlers, we consistently provide tailored solutions. Moreover, we maintain a stock of various optional attachments to assemble customised machines to meet your specific needs.

We exclusively partner with Konecranes for our empty container handlers, renowned for their resilience in handling containers under the most challenging conditions. Featuring load-sensing hydraulics, these handlers offer precise control for lifting, lowering, and spreading functions. Equipped with cabins positioned in the middle or at the rear of the machine, operators benefit from excellent visibility and stability when working at elevated heights with various container types.

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Type Capacity
Loadcenter (mm) Stacking hight
SMV 3 ECC 80 8,000 1,220 3/3 3,750 smv-3-ecc-80-volvo-571_1535545225.pdf Request quote
SMV 4 ECC 80 8,000 1,220 4/4 3,750 smv-4-ecc-80-volvo-571.pdf Request quote
SMV 5 ECC 80 8,000 1,220 5/5 3,750 smv-5-ecc-80-volvo-571.pdf Request quote
SMV 6 ECC 80 8,000 1,220 6/5 3,750 smv-6-ecc-80-volvo-571.pdf Request quote
SMV 5/6 ECC 90 9,000 1,220 5/6 4,500 smv-5-6-ecc-90-volvo-871_1535545436.pdf Request quote
SMV 6/7 ECC 90 9,000 1,220 6/7 4,500 smv-6-7-ecc-90-volvo-871.pdf Request quote
SMV 7/8 ECC 90 9,000 1,220 7/8 4,500 smv-7-8-ecc-90-volvo-871.pdf Request quote
SMV 4/5 ECC 100 DS 10,000 1,220 4/5 4,500 smv-4-5-ecc-100ds-volvo-87.pdf Request quote
SMV 5/6 ECC 100 DS 10,000 1,220 5/6 4,500 smv-5-6-ecc-100ds-volvo-871.pdf Request quote
SMV 6/7 ECC 100 DS 10,000 1,220 6/7 4,500 smv-6-7-ecc-100ds-volvo-871.pdf Request quote

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