Peinemann Port Services

Peinemann Port Services provides service for all brands of cargo handling equipment in ports, terminals and heavy industry. Regardless of the brand, Peinemann Port Services will enhance the performance of cranes with their extensive maintenance services.

The “Port Maintenance” concept can be offered for the full range of terminal equipment: from rail mounted cranes like STS, ASC and RMG to spreaders, automated guided vehicles and mobile harbour cranes. Peinemann Port Services develops tailored solutions to fit diverse operating environments and prides itself on delivering the latest maintenance services to reduce risk, ensure safety and improve asset performance. The upgrading, repair and relocation of cranes can be complex and risky. Using in-depth knowledge, the dedicated engineering team of Peinemann Port Services continually executes safe and successful projects in uniquely challenging port environments all around Europe.

Peinemann Port Services is situated in Hoogvliet (Rotterdam), close to the port area of Rotterdam and Antwerp for interventions, projects and/or professional advice.

Our services

Peinemann Port Services offers: