A Total solution

The worldwide transport of containers keeps increasing and container ships with a capacity up to 20.000 TEU become the standard of the industry. To load and/or unload these ships as efficiently as possible, the performance and technical capabilities are used to the fullest. The development of automated applications ensures that specific knowledge is required to maintain and/or repair any terminal equipment.

Peinemann Port Services has composed a “Port Maintenance” service package to supervise and/or execute maintenance of harbour cranes and terminal equipment as an external or fully integrated maintenance partner. “Port Maintenance” can be offered for various types of equipment:

  • Rail-bound cranes (STS, ASC and RMG)
  • Mobile harbour cranes
  • Overhead crane
  • Automatically guided vehicles (AGV)
  • Spreaders

A “Port Maintenance” service can be composed as follows:

Type of Port Maintenance
Preventive maintenance
Preventive maintenance + corrective maintenance
Preventive maintenance + corrective maintenance + emergency support (24/7)

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