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Heavy equipment and maintenance for harbour cranes.

  • All equipment from one supplier

  • High levels of uptime guaranteed

  • Comprehensive experience with all harbour crane manufacturers

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In 1954, we started with a single forklift in the busy port of Rotterdam. Now, we are a leading force in the industry. With a dedicated team of forty service engineers, we are responsible for the maintenance of over 500 machines across the Benelux region. Our extensive fleet includes a diverse range of equipment, from reach stackers and terminal tractors to cranes and aerial work platforms.

Our primary objective is to minimise downtime and swiftly fix anything that needs fixing. To achieve this, we strategically position our service engineers in close proximity to our clients, often stationed on-site for immediate assistance. This proactive approach ensures that we consistently deliver on our commitments.

In addition to equipment rental, we provide spare parts and conduct maintenance services for third-party equipment. Whenever possible, we prioritise recommending electrical alternatives, aligning with our pledge to a sustainable future.




Our services extend beyond equipment rental, with a wide range of maintenance solutions tailored to the unique needs of port operations. Our team of experts specialises in an array of projects, including design, inspection, upkeep, repair, and modernisation of cranes ranging from 15 to 15,000 tonnes. What sets us apart is our rapid response time in emergencies, made possible by our diverse fleet and industry experience, including overseas crane relocation projects.

In addition to project-based services, we offer comprehensive on-site maintenance solutions, assuming responsibility for the day-to-day management, upkeep, and performance optimisation of port equipment. By closely aligning with our clients’ business plans, we strive to maximise operational efficiency and minimise downtime.

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We have been involved in forklift rental since 1954. This is still our passion but today, anno 2024, we have grown into a company of stature. We refer to ourselves as a one-stop-shop for horizontal and vertical internal transport.

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