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BAM relies on Peinemann for logistics

In the past, all end products for the project were realised directly on the construction site. The materials were delivered separately by various suppliers, including the pile driver, reinforcement supplier, and concrete mixer. Nowadays, semi-finished products are frequently used, and construction components arrive pre-assembled. “That says something about our logistics,” remarks Frans Quataert, construction site manager at BAM.

BAM is a major player in the Dutch construction sector, operating in construction, infrastructure, property development, and engineering. “In 2000, we initiated our first precast construction projects,” Frans explains. “Previously, we transported building materials directly to the construction site. Now, we transport precast semi-finished products, which are much more complex in terms of dimensions and weight. This change necessitates more organisation and greater lifting capacity.”

Playing to your strengths

BAM quickly realised the need for reliable transport partners. “Logistics isn’t our forte, we excel in other areas. Peinemann, on the other hand, has mastered logistics, thoroughly and expertly. While there are many logistics companies out there, they often specialise in one area, leaving gaps in services. Peinemann’s versatility across multiple industrial sectors and their comprehensive product range make them an invaluable partner.”


Can it be transported?

During the tender phase, BAM often seeks Peinemann’s expertise. “We commit to delivering the quality and products we promise our clients, so it’s crucial to ensure our designs are deliverable to the construction site. Peinemann helps us answer key questions: Can it be transported? And how can we do it efficiently?”


Understanding the stakes

Challenges are magnified in high-rise projects. “Proper estimation of lift and crane capacities is crucial. A wrong choice here can derail the entire project. Peinemann understands, offers sound advice, and helps us avoid costly mistakes.”


Relying on expertise

In projects, BAM relies on various suppliers. “Recently, we needed 270 forty-metre tubes in downtown Rotterdam. While some said it was impossible, Peinemann provided the definitive answer based on their expertise.”


Environmental considerations

Frans shares a scenario from a busy city centre, and it’s not without good reason. “Municipalities are tightening the rules for transporting materials to our construction sites. Gone are the days when we could just park a fleet of vans and get to work. Nowadays, we need to implement environmental management strategies to keep disruptions to a minimum. Coordinating the transportation of construction materials requires extra care, and Peinemann plays a significant role in this.”


Unlocking potential

Frans anticipates that this role will only grow in importance. “With modular construction gaining momentum, there’s a growing need for transporting large equipment. These challenges, along with stricter transport and environmental regulations, make effective organisation essential for builders tackling complex projects. That’s the key. And to unlock it, we rely on specialised partners in cranes and transportation. Peinemann brings both to the table. What’s even better is their reservation system, which allows us to tightly schedule transports in convenient time slots. It’s precisely what we need.”


A word of advice

Frans is enthusiastic about the collaboration but has a friendly tip to share: “Peinemann is eager, and that’s great, but sometimes they bite off more than they can chew. It’s like trying to eat a whole cake in one go. Sometimes, it’s better to take things one step at a time, like slicing that cake into manageable pieces. After all, you can’t always do everything at once.”

"That says something about our logistics."

Frans Quataert

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