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BAM entrusts logistics to Peinemann

All end products on the project were realized on the construction site of the past. All materials were supplied separately and successively supplied the pile driver, the reinforcement supplier, the concrete mixer and so on. Now, semi-finished products are used a lot and construction components arrive ready-made. “That says something about our logistics,” says Frans Quataert, construction site manager at BAM.

BAM, Bataafse Aannemings Maatschappij, is a major player in the Dutch construction sector. The company operates in construction, infrastructure, property development and engineering. “In 2000, we started the first precast construction projects,” Frans explains. “Whereas previously we transported building materials to the construction site, now precast semi-finished products had to be transported. That is much more complex in terms of dimensions and weight, so also requires more organisation and lifting capacity.”

Doing what you do best

Soon BAM was looking for parties that could support them in transport. “Logistics is not our core business, you have to do what you are good at. Peinemann is good at logistics. Good and thorough. Of course, there are more logistics companies, but they often have one area of focus. Then you miss half of what you need. Peinemann is active in several industrial sectors, has a complete product range and has the expertise to provide us with advice.”

Is it transportable?

BAM sometimes asks for that advice even during the tender phase of a project. “As a builder, we commit ourselves to the quality and products we promise our potential client. Then you have to be sure that what you design is also deliverable at the construction site. That’s where we engage Peinemann. Can this be done? Is it transportable? And how can we do that as efficiently as possible?”

Peinemann understands the issues at stake

The challenges are particularly great with high-rise buildings. “In advance, you have to make a good estimate of the capacity of your lifts and cranes, for example. If you make the wrong choices there, for example by choosing a crane that is too light for the job, this will have a major impact on the construction project. Peinemann understands the interests, gives good advice and saves us from making wrong decisions.”

Relying on expertise

Obviously, BAM also deals with various suppliers in its projects. “Only recently we needed 270 tubes of forty metres in length in the middle of the city of Rotterdam. One party said ‘it can be done’, the other said ‘it can’t be done’. This is the moment we call Peinemann. With their expertise, they can give the definitive answer we can rely on.”

Environmental management

Frans mentions an example in a busy city centre, not without reason. “Municipalities are placing increasingly stringent requirements on transport for our construction projects. You can no longer just put a bunch of construction vans in the street and start working. Nowadays, you have to do environmental management to minimise any inconveniences. For the supply of the construction materials this requires extra organisation from the transportation side. Peinemann plays a large role in this.”

The key

That role will only be expanding, Frans expects. “Modular construction is taking off. That requires more and more large equipment transportation. These challenges are combined with the more stringent transport and environmental requirements. But if you know how to organise that well as a builder, you can handle the most complex projects. That is the key. And for that, we need specialised parties in cranes and means of transport. Peinemann holds the combination of the two. The great thing is that they have also developed a reservation system with which transports can be tightly organized in time slots. Exactly what we need.””

One tip

Frans is therefore very satisfied with the collaboration but does have one tip: “Peinemann is very motivated and that’s good, but they sometimes want too much at once. Sometimes it’s better to tackle something in five steps than trying to solve everything in an instance. You just can’t always do everything at once.”

"That says something about our logistics"

Frans Quataert

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