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Smooth transition to 100% electrification in heavy equipment

Within the logistics sector, we see that sustainability is an important trend. This also applies to concrete producer MBI De Steenmeesters. Marno Vernooij, head of logistics at the location in Aalst, talks about the pilot with Peinemann. Since January they have been using the 100% electric 8-ton forklift trucks from Carer to start electrifying the heavy equipment.

Complete electrification of the rolling equipment

This is now the third location of MBI De Steenmeesters to replace its forklifts with the sustainable variant. They were able to purchase electric forklift trucks from their current window partner for the branches in Kampen and Veghel. “We normally always work with our regular partner. We could go here for the lighter forklifts, but for the heavier work we were looking for another option.”


For the heavier items, up to 8 tons, they opted for the 100% electric Carer Forklifts from Peinemann. “We wanted a custom-assembled forklift that didn’t deviate too much from our current heavy equipment. It is nice if the drivers can easily switch to new equipment.” There has been a lot of coordination to ensure that the forklift truck meets the requirements of MBI De Steenmeesters. “Safety is our primary concern at MBI De Steenmeesters; all conceivable safety options are installed on the trucks. There also had to be enough capacity for the battery, there was a need for a double brick clamp and it is necessary to be able to move 4.5 tons per trip.”


“The collaboration with Peinemann has been very pleasant. They completely unburden you. Peinemann visited here with various partners to be able to develop everything perfectly down to the last detail. For example, at the location in Aalst we did not yet have a covered area to charge the battery, so a hallway has been built to charge the batteries. The pilot phase went perfectly.” In mid-2023, MBI Aalst will add another 3 heavy trucks to their rolling stock. After this addition, the complete electrification of the rolling equipment at MBI De Steenmeesters in Aalst will be complete.

"We wilden een op maat samengestelde 100% elektrische 8-tons Heftruck. Peinemann dacht hier goed in mee. Door deze pilot gaan wij ons rollend equipment volledig elektrificeren."

Marno Vernooy

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