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Bundle extraction

We guarantee quality, lead time and safety within your turnaround at the plant.

  • Both incidental maintenance and on a project basis

  • Flexible due to the use of our own cranes, bundle extractors and 24-hour availability

  • Our own in-house engineering department for advice during the design of a new plant

We are your operational partner for interventions, project implementation and professional advice. Contact us for a solution that works.

Global specialist in Bundle extraction

We have been active in bundle extraction in the petrochemical sector throughout Europe for 35 years. In all those years, we have worked with a large number of heat exchangers. These heat exchangers are getting heavier and bigger. As a result, the size and weight of our bundle extractors are also increasing. As an experienced player in the worldwide market of bundle extractors, we are continuously informed of the latest developments and we regularly update our processes


Experience in various markets

Our specialists travel throughout Europe and serve various markets in countries such as England, Germany, Norway, Denmark and Romania. The team consists of experienced planners, work preparation experts, and bundlers. Together we ensure that your heat exchangers are extracted and installed in a timely and safe manner.

Our solutions

From renting one forklift to moving an entire factory.

Our projects

Be inspired by the impressive projects we have been able to service.