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Construction logistics

We get materials delivered on time, on site and used smart.

  • Storage of building materials at our HUBs

  • Delivery of materials via intra-city transport (JIT)

  • Real time information on the project through our software

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Real-time insight into the outcome of your construction logistics

Within construction projects, we arrange your construction logistics from A to Z. Our approach is characterized as intensive cooperation so that we are able to organize the logistics process from day to day. From the preparations and planning to the storage and delivery of building materials at a specific time. We work with our own planning software (Bouwbooker) and tag the building materials. This allows us to monitor in real time whether speed is of the essence, when there is a need for new building materials, and all logistics movements are digitally monitored.

The last mile

We have the possibility of storage at our own location in the Randstad, allowing construction materials to be delivered electrically in ‘the last mile’ to their destination. This allows us to respond to current and future market demands.

Moreover, we guide contractors to combine a healthy mix of heavy and light work on site so that the labor productivity of the craftsmen increases.

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