Electric Buren carrier 2000-2500

The Spijkstaal electric burden carrier 2000 is characterized by its spacious, well-equipped cabin and a platform with a vehicle load capacity of 2,000 kg measuring 1,500 x 2,500 mm. Thanks to its well thought-out design and modern engineering technologies the 2000 is a very safe and energy efficient burden carrier/plarform truck. This results in a long lifespan, low maintenance costs and a long range per battery charge. The many options concerning motor capacity and conversion ratios enable it to meet almost all performance needs.

The Spijkstaal electric burden carrier  2000 is very suitable for transport within urban areas. A different edition of this model has a vehicle load capacity of 2,500 kg (model 2500). This heavier model is often used as a delivery van with an electric/hydraulic tail lift. The cabin is very comfortable, equipped with decent, suspended seats and sliding windows with reinforced tinted glass. Due to numerous optional features the cabin can be entirely tailored to one's wishes. This burden carrier can be equipped with a double cabin, suitable for multiple persons.

Technical specifications:

Burden carrier 2000-2500
Towing capacity 3,000 kg
Loading capacity 2,000 - 2,500 kg
Max. speed 25 km/u (adjustable)
Length 3,885 mm
Width 1,532 mm
Height 2,010 mm
Max. battery 48 Volt, 560 Ah
Motor AC


  • Defense
  • Industry  
  • Local government
  • Recreation
  • Healthcare