Electric Burden Carrier - 800

The Spijkstaal electric burden carrier 800 can be equipped with different motors and conversion ratios, because of the modular construction. This enables Spijkstaal to offer several ranges in towing capacity and top speed. The spacious sitting position and the excellent suspension contributes to high driving comfort.

The electric platform truck 800 can be equipped with a roll bar, an open cabin (without doors) or a closed cabin (with doors) in combination with many optional features. The platform can be equipped with a variety of cargo bodies.

Thanks to the narrow width of 1,000 mm, this all-round product can be used both indoors and outdoors. For instance for supplying parts/raw materials, maintenance activities, canteen services, delivery of parcels, public space maintenance and transport in leisure parks.

Technical specifications:   

Burden carrier 800
Towing capacity 3,000 kg
Loading capacity 600-800 kg
Max. speed 16 km/u (adjustable)
Length 2,970 mm
Width 1,032 mm
Height 1,860 mm (incl. cabine)
Platform size 1,000 x 1,600 mm
Max. battery 24 Volt, 540Ah.
Motor AC


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