Picking trucks & trolleys

picking trucks

The Ergobjörn picking truck is easy to operate in narrow spaces and available in three models. They all have compact external dimensions and a small turn radius and are easy to drive and manoeuvre in narrow spaces. The unique docking system makes it possible to use various types of Ergobjörn Trolleys and therefore adaptable to specific tasks.

Ergobjörn 709 710 713
Towing capacity 1.000 kg 1.000 kg 1.000 kg
Max. speed 12 km/u 12 km/u 12 km/u
Length 1580 mm 1580 mm 1475 mm
Width 750 mm 970 mm 1315 mm
Step height 70 mm 70 mm 70 mm
Max. battery 24 Volt, 105 Ah. 24 Volt, 105 Ah. 24 Volt, 105 Ah.
Engine AC AC AC


Our trolleys rationalise and facilitate work procedures in all situations that require in-house handling of materials - whether those materials are industrial products, books or pharmaceuticals. Today you'll find approximately 600 trolleys in our standard range. By combining our trolleys with the right accessories, you can create the exact solution you need. Thanks to a wide range of wheel types, shelf sizes etc.the trolleys are extremely flexible and easy to adapt to specific tasks according to the needs of your business.

Why choose an Ergobjörn trolley?

  • Lifetime warranty on standard trolleys
  • Modular system - allows a virtually unlimited number of versions to be created
  • Adjustable handles and shelves
  • Rolls easily with different loads and in all directions
  • Many smart accessories to choose between to optimise your solution
  • The market's most durable surface coating

Available trolleys:

  • Shelf Trolley
  • Step trolley
  • E-commerce trolley
  • Platform trolley
  • Parcel trolley
  • ESD trolley
  • Electric trolley