Electric Spijkstaal minibus

The Spijkstaal minibus is a unique electric vehicle. The minibus is suitable for 6 passengers and their luggage. The minibus has acquired European N1 approval, which ensure advanced quality and safety standards. The bus has exceptional roadability, a solid aluminium frame, a range of approximately 100 km and a safe and comfortable cabin. It can be adjusted for wheelchair transport. 

Technical specifications:

Spijkstaal Minibus
Passengers 6
Range 100 km*
Loading capacity (luggage) 360 kg
Max. speed 40 km/u
Length 4.000 mm
Width 1.200 mm
Height 2.080 mm
Max. battery Gel: 19,4 Kw / Lithium: 25,6 Kw
Motor AC

*Range depends on several factors, including the type of battery, user behaviour, load and road conditions.