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Save lives in your environment.

  • Work with real-life situations

  • IPAF accredited training center

  • Theory available in various languages

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Become an ambassador of safety

Every company is required by the Occupational Health and Safety Act to train in-house emergency response workers (BHV). At Peinemann Training Center, we offer a comprehensive FAFS course covering first aid, firefighting, evacuation, aftercare and communication. Under the guidance of experienced instructors, you will learn skills specific to your work situation.

The course concludes with an exam and you will receive a personal FAFS certificate. We also provide refresher courses to renew the certificate. A FAFS certificate is mandatory and essential for every work environment in the Netherlands, with no specific prior training required. If you are looking for other safety training, we also have a wide range available.

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The following lesson material is covered during the training:

  • Recognizing and fighting an incipient fire
  • Life-saving First Aid (LEH) incl. CPR & AED
  • Communication: alerting and evacuating people
  • Treating injuries
  • CPR and operate AED (Automated External Defibrillator)
  • Communicating with external responders
  • Fight incipient fires
  • Properly use extinguishing agents
  • Preparing for evacuations
  • Systematic evacuation


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Our one-day FAFS training is given in groups with an average of twelve participants, whereby both theoretical knowledge and practical skills are tested. If you already have a valid First Aid diploma with CPR endorsement, you will be exempted from the Life-Saving Operations component. The personal certificate you receive, in accordance with NVB standards, is valid for one year.


The price for Emergency Response (BHV) Basic Training is 265,-. For those who wish to take the training in a language other than Dutch, we charge an additional fee of € 50,-, provided this option is available.

All prices mentioned are excluding 21% VAT.