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Learn to manage risk on the job

Working on flange connections is a specialized task with risks, where Peinemann Training Center offers two-day courses for both basic skills and specific protocols according to NEN-EN-1591 standards. Our training courses, led by experienced instructors, focus on safe execution and risk awareness when opening and closing flange connections.

For those who have been trained before but have an expired certificate, there is a one-day refresher training course. Finally, for employees in the (petro) chemical sector, there is the possibility of an SOG exam, which underlines the professionalism and safety of the work.

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During this training we cover:

  • Safety and procedures
  • Tools and working methods for controlled tightening
  • Difference between low and high pressure flanges
  • Stud bolts and nuts (checking with calibration gauge)
  • Explanation of the terms “relaxation” and “creep” in studbolts
  • Gaskets applied to HD joints
  • Measurement and recording of parameters
  • Flange protocols
  • Industry specific information
  • Working on flanges (with the torque wrench)
  • Applying the flange protocol in your daily work


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Our Working on Flanges course is a two-day course, with the option for a one-day refresher course if you are already certified. The certificate obtained remains valid for five years. You do not need any prior education to participate, but a valid VCA certificate, a minimum age of 18 years and command of the Dutch language are required.


The basic training course Working with Flange Connections with Protocol (WFPR) costs € 425. For those who wish to take the training in a language other than Dutch, there is an additional charge of € 50,-, if this option is available.

These prices are exclusive of 21% VAT.