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Working smartly and safely as a roadside worker.

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Work safely along the road

The “Safe Working Along the Road” training is essential for road workers and plays a crucial role in ensuring their safety and that of road users. This one-day course, provided by the Peinemann Training Center, delivers vital knowledge on safety regulations, risk analysis, and the creation of a secure working environment.


Tailored for individuals involved in road-related tasks such as road construction, cable laying, landscaping, and paving, the training instructs on working safely according to CROW 96b guidelines. Participants learn how to correctly set up road barriers to protect both themselves and passing road users, ultimately contributing to the reduction of traffic congestion.


For employees in need of certificate extension, we also offer a one-day refresher course. If this specific course does not suit your requirements, we offer a wide range of other safety training courses.

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The training includes the following course content:

  • Overview of occupational health and safety legislation and regulations
  • Clarification of roles, tasks, and responsibilities
  • Techniques for establishing a safe working environment
  • Procedures for the placement and removal of barriers
  • Execution of tasks conducted alongside roadways
  • Essential measures for alignment in typical standard scenarios


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All training variants take one day. Certificates issued are valid for a period of five years.


At Peinemann Training Center, we provide the “Safe Working Along the Road” (CROW 96B) training course, incorporating standard measures for non-motorways, priced at €245.

For training conducted in a language other than Dutch, where available, an additional fee of €50 applies. Please be aware that all prices quoted exclude 21% VAT.